Parkman Coat-of-Arms, The Diary of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman Westborough, MA on Google Books & Amazon – University Press of Virginia (book)

Elias Parkman, American Progenitor’s Pedigree Chart and Family Groups link:>

Find inside this searchable Parkman Genealogy blog the following: 291 Immigrants to America, 49 Mayflower Pilgrims, 26 American Revolution & War of 1812 Veterans, all 20 of the early Settlers of Nantucket, 19 Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor, Joseph Smith – Mormon founder, Medici Popes, European Royalty back to 602 A.D. Charlamagne (including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Prince William & Harry) , Winston Churchill, Alamo patriot, US Presidents Coolidge, Grant, Roosevelt(s), Nixon, Ford & Bush(s), US VP John C. Calhoun, Ambassador Benjamin Franklin & Gov. John Hancock (signers of The Declaration of Independence), Ralph Waldo Emerson, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw & Civil War Veterans, Underground Railroad, Reverends, Governors, Civil Rights leaders, Groton School, Harvard President, founders of New England towns Nantucket, Salem, Westborough, Plymouth, Concord, Duxbury, Dorchester & Boston MA, Windsor, Hartford, Killingworth, & Milford CT, Westmoreland NY, Gouldsboro ME, Newark NJ  , Parkman, Ohio & Parkman, Maine (40,000 acres each) , Parkman, Wyoming, Parkman, Canada, pioneers, authors and commissioned a Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington, Sargeant painting of Peter Faneuil & a bronze church bell cast by Paul Revere, the Parkman Houses, Parkman Bandstand, Parkman Wren, Parkman Lily, Parkman Crab Apple, Parkman Plaza, Parkman Prize, Parkman US postage stamp, Parkman Mountain, Parkman parks, Parkman schools & 56,000 ancestors on : partial surname list:

Parkman, Coffin, Adams, Brownlee, Breck, Keinadt / Coiner, Da/erst, Angi, Kordos, Walbridge, Clap(p), Barger, Wine, Kagey, Heizer, Howe, Trask, Hull, Grant, Grey, Wheeler, Turney, Brigham, Rogers, Mather, Holcomb, Ferguson, Eno / Hennot, Belcher, Greenleaf , Butler , Gerrish , Lowell , Pierce , Oliver , Folger , Franklin , Gardner , Starbuck , Morrell , Swain , Bunker , Look , Macy , Hussey , Bachiler , Connaught , Wing , Coleman, Coolidge, Olivier, Barron, Bradford, Putnam, Calhoun, Jarvis, Evelyth, Conant, Cushman, Maverick, Brewster, Collier, Parke, Warren, Cooke, Pratt, Priest, Godbertson, Coombs, Lothrop, Fuller, Churchman, Snow, Hopkins, Whelden, White, Winslow, Allerton, Howland, Tilley, Samson, Cooper, Alden, Mullins, Chilton, Fuller, Rogers, Barry, Birge, Bissell, Gaylord, Chappell, Dibble, Filley, Ford, Holmes, Loomis, Treat, Merwin, Clarke, Newberry, Russell, Thrall, Pinney, Griswold, Phelps, Pond, Linsley, Porter,

Here are two searchable Parkman Genealogy GEDCOM / PAF link with 56,000 Parkman Ancestors databases:


Here is the world’s largest searchable website for graves, Find a grave:


Elias Parkman Feb 1640 original Windsor, CT land record (left) & same record transcribed in 1722 by Timothy Loomis Windsor Town Clerk.

Circa 1730

Mr. Arthur B. Denny, of Chestnut Hill,
made the copies of Madam Parkman and of the Parkman Coat-of.
Arms — the latter from a water-color illumination which formerly
adorned the walls of the Westborough parsonage.

Parkman parsonage Westborough:;view=1up;seq=27



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