Harvard Alumnai Rev. Ebenezer Parkman 1730 Signature

Ebenezer Parkman sketch and signature

Reverend Ebenezer Parkman ‘s website blog:


Ebenezer Parkman was admitted to Harvard College in 1717,
when he was fourteen years old, and graduated in 1721. There were 17 Parkman Harvard Alumni from 1721 – 1870. The Parkman Professorship of Divinity and Parkman Professorship of Comparative Theology were established by the liberal benefactors of Samuel Parkman, Esq. and his son Rev. Francis Parkman. His son, Francis Parkman, the hiatorian, donated 2,500 of his personal books to Harvard College Library known as the “Parkman Collection”.






harvard aerial



Ebenezer Parkman’s 1720 Harvard student notebook:



Daniel Chester French created this John Harvard statue as well as the Francis Parkman Memorial and the Minuteman statue.

For a glimpse at the Reverend Ebenezer Parkman’s Diary that he kept for 65 years (printed by the University Press of Virginia):


Parkman Westborough History:



One Response to “Harvard Alumnai Rev. Ebenezer Parkman 1730 Signature”

  1. Matthew Rails Says:

    I am a relative of the Parkman family and my great grandfather was Wade Albert Parkman Jr.

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