Parkman Coat-of-Arms, The Diary of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman Westborough, MA on Google Books & Amazon – University Press of Virginia (book)

Elias Parkman, American Progenitor’s Pedigree Chart and Family Groups link:>

Find inside this searchable Parkman Genealogy blog the following: 286 Immigrants to America, 49 Mayflower Pilgrims, 26 American Revolution & War of 1812 Veterans, all 20 of the early Settlers of Nantucket, 19 Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor, Joseph Smith – Mormon founder, Medici Popes, European Royalty back to 602 A.D. Charlamagne (including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Prince William & Harry) , Winston Churchill, Alamo patriot, US Presidents Coolidge, Grant, Roosevelt(s), Nixon, Ford & Bush(s), US VP John C. Calhoun, Ambassador Benjamin Franklin & Gov. John Hancock (signers of The Declaration of Independence), Ralph Waldo Emerson, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw & Civil War Veterans, Underground Railroad, Reverends, Governors, Civil Rights leaders, Groton School, Harvard President, founders of New England towns Nantucket, Salem, Westborough, Plymouth, Concord, Duxbury, Dorchester & Boston MA, Windsor Killingworth, & Milford CT, Westmoreland NY, Gouldsboro ME, Newark NJ  , Parkman, Ohio & Parkman, Maine (40,000 acres each) , pioneers, authors and commissioned a Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington, Sargeant painting of Peter Faneuil & a bronze church bell cast by Paul Revere  & 56,000 ancestors on : partial surname list:

Parkman, Coffin, Adams, Brownlee, Breck, Keinadt / Coiner, Da/erst, Angi, Kordos, Walbridge, Clap(p), Barger, Wine, Kagey, Heizer, Howe, Trask, Hull, Grant, Grey, Wheeler, Turney, Brigham, Rogers, Mather, Holcomb, Ferguson, Eno / Hennot, Belcher, Greenleaf , Butler , Gerrish , Lowell , Pierce , Oliver , Folger , Franklin , Gardner , Starbuck , Morrell , Swain , Bunker , Look , Macy , Hussey , Bachiler , Connaught , Wing , Coleman, Coolidge, Olivier, Barron, Bradford, Putnam, Calhoun, Jarvis, Evelyth, Conant, Cushman, Maverick, Brewster, Collier, Parke, Warren, Cooke, Pratt, Priest, Godbertson, Coombs, Lothrop, Fuller, Churchman, Snow, Hopkins, Whelden, White, Winslow, Allerton, Howland, Tilley, Samson, Cooper, Alden, Mullins, Chilton, Fuller, Rogers, Barry, Birge, Bissell, Gaylord, Chappell, Dibble, Filley, Ford, Holmes, Loomis, Treat, Merwin, Clarke, Newberry, Russell, Thrall, Pinney, Griswold, Phelps,

Here are two searchable Parkman Genealogy GEDCOM / PAF link with 56,000 Parkman Ancestors databases:


Here is the world’s largest searchable website for graves, Find a grave:


Circa 1730

Mr. Arthur B. Denny, of Chestnut Hill,
made the copies of Madam Parkman and of the Parkman Coat-of.
Arms — the latter from a water-color illumination which formerly
adorned the walls of the Westborough parsonage.

Parkman parsonage Westborough:;view=1up;seq=27




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