Parkman, Ohio – 1804

parkman ohio monument stone

Parkman Ohio founded by Robert Breck Parkman, owned by Samuel Parkman of Boston along with 40,000 acres in Parkman, Ohio & 40,000 acres in Parkman, Maine.

samuel parkman

Samuel Parkman

robert breck parkman parkman-ohio-robert-breck-parkman-founder_3


Honorable Robert Breck Parkman

Biography of Robert Breck Parkman & Parkman, Ohio see page 711:



Daniel & Ashlee Parkman 1994


Parkman Ohio DMPSR

Gazebo next to the Parkman Ohio Dedication Stone

parkman ohio map


parkman OH gazebo fall.JPG
Parkman Ohio Gazebo @ the intersection of Route 422 & Route 528

Parkman, Geauga County, Ohio is home to a thriving Amish Community

Samuel Parkman owned 40,000 acres in both Parkman, Ohio and 40,000 acres in Parkman, Maine. His cousin Robert Breck Shaw was his agent in Ohio who cut the first logs to create his one room cabin that used a stump as a table. Robert later built a large wooden house that burnt down in 1978. Samuel Father was Rev. Ebenezer Parkman, a Harvard allumnai , that kept a personal diary for 65 years in Westborough, Mass that was published in hard back by the University Press of Virginia and is available to view online. Samuel bought his Father a bell crafted by Paul Revere that hung in his bell free until his church burnt down. Now the Revere bell hangs in the Baptist Church bell free next to the City Hall in Westboro. Robert’s descendants migrated to Berkeley, CA ( where they donated land to the University) then on to Guanajuato, Mexico where they became silver mine owners.>

The Diary of Reverend Ebenezer Parkman (in part including photos):>


Portraits of Parkman Founders Gifted to Township


There are four more eyes gazing down at visitors from the walls of the Parkman Com-munity House, from two newly acquired portraits of the township’s…

They join three walls of photos of the Parkman band, Parkman high school graduating seniors from the early 20th century, and other snapshots of more recent Parkman history.

Trustees proudly showed off the new acquisitions Tuesday, and announced they were a recent gift from Parkman family descendant S. Parkman Shaw, Jr., of Brookline, Mass.

“The original portraits were painted in 1807. These are copies made in 1887 by a lithographer named S.P. Hodgdon,” said Trustee Roger Anderson.

The trustee said Shaw, known as “Parky,” contacted the township’s website early last fall to offer the portraits to the township.

Shaw, as one of the last of the family, wanted the portraits to go to the township that his ancestor had founded when Northeast Ohio was a frontier wilderness in a brand new state, Anderson said.

“We got it just last week. With all the historical pictures in here, we thought it was the best place for them, on either side of the windows, overlooking where the trustees sit.

“This family was big time, hanging out with George Washington and all of the big names,” Anderson said. “They had a bell made by that famous guy who made all the silver.”

“Paul Revere, you ding-a-ling,” chided Trustee Dennis Ikeler.

According to “The Pioneer and General History of Geauga County,” published in 1953 by the Geauga County Historical Society, Samuel Parkman of Boston came to the township in 1797 and again in 1803 to survey and outline lots for the Western Reserve.

His nephew, Robert B. Parkman, and his family settled on 600 acres in the township in 1804 and built the first cabin in the community.

“Samuel Parkman sent his nephew to oversee everything,” Anderson said. “Robert had the first house and the first caucasian child born in Parkman,” according to the account.

Anderson provided a biographical information sheet after the meeting that said Samuel Parkman (1751-1824) was the son of a pastor from Westborough, Mass.

His family was related by marriage to Robert Gould Shaw, whose son became famous in the Civil War as commander of the 54th Massachusetts, the African American regiment made famous in the movie “Glory.”

Samuel Parkman became a prosperous Boston merchant, and in 1806, he presented to Boston the famous full-length portrait of George Washington painted by Gilbert Stuart, the premier American portrait artist of the 18th Century.

Stuart painted portraits of Parkman and his second wife, Sarah. The portraits were passed down to the Parkman family descendants, who commissioned renowned lithographer Sylvester Phelps Hodgdon (1830-1906) to make exact copies in 1887.

Robert Breck Parkman, the township’s first permanent resident, was born in Massachusetts on May 21, 1771, five years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

His father (Samuel Parkman’s brother) had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War and had pioneered in Oneida County, N.Y. Robert Parkman was an attorney admitted to the bar in Ohio in 1808.

He was appointed the first postmaster of Parkman Township, when it had three families, and served in that capacity until 1829. He also served as prosecutor in the first court in Geauga County, and was the only attorney in the county at that time.

Court was held in Painesville, so the commute was long and difficult.

“We’re very pleased to have these portraits on our walls here in the community house,” Anderson said. “It’s a real piece of our history for everyone to enjoy.”


Portraits of Parkman Founders Gifted to Township

Parkman Community House 2015 Parkman, OH

Parkman Community House, Parkman, OH

Parkman OH post office 44080.JPG

Parkman, OH Post Office zip code 44080


parkman ohio graves 1

parkman ohio graves 8.jpg

Robert Breck Parkman died 21 March 1832 aged 60 years, Old Cemetery, Parkman, OH.

Birth: May 21, 1771
Middlesex County
Massachusetts, USA
Death: Mar. 21, 1832
Geauga County
Ohio, USA

son of Alexander Parkman and Keziah Brown
married Lucy Phelps, daughter of Seth Phelps and Lucy Ledyard Family links:
Lucy Phelps Parkman (1783 – 1820)*Children:
Adeline Parkman Huntington (1807 – 1836)*
Henry S Parkman (1807 – 1867)*
Edwin P. Parkman (1808 – 1828)**Calculated relationshipInscription:
Aged 60 Years
Old Cemetery – Parkman
Geauga County
Ohio, USA
Plot: S1 L099


Robert Breck Parkman’s parents Alexander Parkman & Kezia Brown:


Parkman Genealogy (in Geauga County, OH) – LDS Genealogy Records:


Parkman, Ohio Town Center in 1899 before fire

Parkman Ohio Parachute Jumping Bob-Sinclair-and-Karen-Gates-over-Parkman

Parachute Jumping over Parkman, Ohio.

FREEFALL 2002 (My first Music Video)

(not me, from youtube)

FREEFALL (My first Music Video) 2002, Skydiving, Skydive, Freefall, Cleveland Parachute Center, Parkman, Ohio, 2002


10:30 TO 1:30PM


Harmonia Band, September 17, 2011. Seventh annual Carpatho-Rusyn Vatra near Parkman, Ohio.

Hot Air Balloons at Chickagami Park near Parkman, Ohio


Parkman Lodge, Small in Numbers, Rich in History

Samuel Parkman (August 22, 1751 – June 11, 1824) and Sarah Rogers had five children: Elizabeth (1785), Francis (1788), George (1790), Samuel (1791), and Daniel (1794). Samuel Parkman had also had six children by his previous marriage to Sarah Shaw.[2] Samuel Parkman, George’s father and family patriarch, had bought up low-lying lands and income properties in Boston’s West End.[3] He also founded and was part owner of the towns of Parkman, Ohio and Parkman, Maine.[4][5] His sons from his first marriage oversaw theOhio properties, while his second set of boys were responsible for the Maineparcel. Samuel’s daughters inherited wealth as well. The most notable was George’s sister Elizabeth Willard Parkman, whose spouse Robert Gould Shaw (1776 – 1853), grandfather of Robert Gould Shaw (October 10, 1837 – July 18, 1863, Union Army colonel during the American Civil War), grew his wife’s share of the fortune to become the senior partner in the most powerful commercial house in a city glutted with the proceeds of the China Trade.[6]

The eleven Parkman scions united in marriage with the Beacon Hill families of Blake, Cabot, Mason, Sturgis, Tilden, and Tuckerman. Of his eleven offspring, Samuel chose George as the one to administer the Parkman estate.[7]

george parkman correct likeness of

Samuel Parkman’s son Doctor George Parkman



PROF. GEORGE BURT, musician, Eau Claire, was born in Parkman, Ohio, 1833; went to St. Louis when fourteen years old. Was chief musician in the best theater in Pittsburgh for four years; was leader of martial music in the English Regulars in St. John, N. B. Was with them in ’60 to ’63 at Ft. Snelling, Minn.; was leader of a band for a time; then went to San Antonio, Tex. Came to Wisconsin in 1877, and has taught in different places; came to Eau Claire in 1879.

Edward Blake Parkman 3.jpg

(Odd I have a grandpa , George Burt Parkman born in 1862 in Lagro, IN who’s father, Edward Blake Parkman was the Postmaster in Parkman, OH from 1849-54)



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