William Parkman buried @ Copp’s Hill Boston

copps hill burying ground boston established 1659.jpg

Established 1659 Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Boston – National Register of Historic Places.



Copp’s Hill Cemetery is on The Freedom Trail – Boston

William Parkman married Elizabeth Adams Parkman (their son was Reverend Ebenezer Parkman of Westborough,MA), her parents were Alexander Adams and Mary Coffin Adams (sister of Tristram Coffin, Sr. co-founder of Nantucket:

William Parkman Copp's Hill Cemetery Boston.jpg

Here Lyes Buried
The Body of
Mr. William Parkman
Aged 72 Years Dec’d
November 28

Birth: unknown
Death: Nov. 28, 1730

aged 72 yearsFamily links:
Elizabeth Adams Parkman (1660 – 1746)*Children:
John Parkman (____ – 1727)**Calculated relationship
Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA
Created by: Jan Franco
Record added: Feb 23, 2006
Find A Grave Memorial# 13421979



Elizabeth Adams Parkman wife of William Parkman Copps Hill Boston 2.jpg


Here lyes buried the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Parkman the virthous & pious comfort of Mr. William Parkman aged 83 years __ months __ days __date.

Birth: Sep. 21, 1660
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USADeath: Apr. 13, 1746
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA

Family links:

Immigrant logo

Alexander Adams – Immigrant
Alexander Adams (1615 – 1677)


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Mary Coffin Adams – Immigrant to Nantucket

Mary Coffin Adams (1621 – 1691)


William Parkman (____ – 1730)

John Parkman (____ – 1727)*

*Calculated relationship
Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA
Created by: Thomas A Hawkins
Record added: Feb 27, 2004
Find A Grave Memorial# 8449256




john parkman son of william and elizabeth parkman

John Parkman, son of William and Elizabeth Parkman buried in Gloucester

Birth: unknown
Death: Mar. 27, 1727, At Sea

Died Mar. 27, 1727
He was the son of William and Elizabeth Parkman, of Boston and master of a brig belonging at Boston. He died on his return voyage from the West Indies, he drowned at Normans Woe. He was aged 30 years at the time of his death [aged 33 years per gravestone inscr.]. (Vital Records of GLOUCESTER, MA to the end of the year 1849).NOTE: Family links have been added at the request of other members. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any of these links as in most of the cases there is no marker proving burial at the indicated location. Use them in your research at your own risk.Family links:
William Parkman (____ – 1730)
Elizabeth Adams Parkman (1660 – 1746)Spouse:
Abigail Fairfield Parkman (1698 – 1777)**Calculated relationshipNote: Stone is buried too deep to read dates. Dates given by member from Gloucester VR
First Parish Burial Ground
Essex County
Massachusetts, USA
Created by: Kenneth Gilbert
Record added: Jul 15, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 54993751

john parkman son of william and elizabeth parkman first parish burial ground gloucester.jpg



alexander parkman copps hill headstone

Alexander Parkman, Copp’s Hill, Boston, MA – Here lyes Buried the Body of Mr Alexander Parkman died March ye 6th 1747-8, in the 49th year of His age.

Birth: 1699
Death: Mar. 6, 1747

Here lyes Buried the Body of Mr Alexander Parkman died March ye 6th 1747-8, in the 49th year of His age

Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA


Dr Elias Parkman copps hill

Doctor Elias Parkman, Copp’s Hill, Boston, MA –

Birth: unknown
Death: Mar. 6, 1750

age 33
Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA


Elias Parkman Copp's Hill Boston MA

Elias Parkman – died 24 May 1741 – Copp’s Hill, Boston, MA

Birth: unknown
Death: May 24, 1741

aged 52 years 5 mo & 15 daysFamily links:
Elias Parkman (1721 – 1721)**Calculated relationship
Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA



Elias Parkman (infant) born Aug 1721 died 2 Sept 1721 – Copp’s Hill, Boston, MA

Birth: Aug., 1721 Death: Sep. 2, 1721

Family links:
Elias Parkman (____ – 1741)
Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA
Created by: Thomas A Hawkins
Record added: Feb 27, 2004
Find A Grave Memorial# 8449255



More Parkman graves at Copp’s Hill, Boston, MA


Ebenezer Parkman was born in Boston, Sept. 5, 1703. His father
was Wm. Parkman, who in 1680 married Elizabeth Adams, also of
Boston. She is buried on Copp’s Hill— dying on the 13th of April,
1746. Wm. Parkman had died sixteen years earlier, Nov. 30, 1730.
He was born in Salem, where his father Elias, Jr. had settled, in 1658.
This Elias, Jr. born in 1635, was also the son of Elias Parkman, Sr. who
had come among the earliest settlers to New England, and grand-
son of Thomas Parkman, of Sidmouth, Devon, England.

Ebenezer Parkman was admitted to Harvard College in 1717,
when he was fourteen years old, and graduated in 1721. The
next year he taught school in Newton, living with the brother Elias,
whom he mentions in the first part of the Journal. This brother


was a mastmaker, and in 1728 an advertisement appears in a local
paper : —

“April I. Mr. Henrj’ Richards wants to sell a parcel of likely negro boys
and one negro girl, arrived from Nevis, and were brought from Guinea. To be
seen at the house of Mr. Elias Parkman, mastmaker, at the North End.”

As the Rev. Ebenezer purchased a slave boy, Maro, in August of
that year, it is very possible that he vi^as one of this “parcel.”
Maro lived only a little more than a year at the Westborough par-
sonage, and Mr. Parkman writes under date of Dec. 6, 1728 : ” Dark
as it has been with us, it became much Darker abt ye Sun Setting.
The .Sun of Maro’s life Sat. The first Death in my Family! God,
enable me to see thy Sovereign mind and comport with his holy

This brother Elias and his wife are both buried on Copp’s Hill,
dying in 1741 and 1746.

Mr. Parkman’s son Elias was undoubtedly named for this favorite
brother, and indeed most of his children bore the names of his
brothers and sisters— Mary, Elizabeth, William, Sarah, Susannah,
Alexander, Samuel, John, and Elias being names common to each.


William Parkman’s family & pedigree:


BOSTON, America’s oldest (1650s) and most historic cemetery at Copp’s Hill (USA): Let’s go for a walk around Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, which is a historic cemetery in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1659, it was originally named “North Burying Ground”, and It contains more than 1200 marked graves, including the remains of various notable Bostonians from the colonial era into the 1850s. Enjoy!! Vic Stefanu, vstefanu@yahoo.com

This short film shows Copp’s Hill Burial Ground (or Burying Ground),which was founded in 1659 in Boston, Massachusetts. The video also depicts Old North Church where Paul Revere was notified by lantern that the British were coming. In the distance is the Charles River, Boston Harbor and the Zakim Bridge. Also seen in the Puritan Cemetery are the graves and tombs of Cotton Mather, Increase Mather, 17th Puritan Christian ministers and Prince Hall, founder of the African American Masons, named after him.

Name: William Parkman
Sex: M
Birth: 29 MAR 1658 in Salem, Essex, MA
Death: 28 NOV 1730 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
The Bostonian Society Publications, Volume: 11
Author-Bostonian society, Boston.
Publisher: Boston State House, 1884

pg. 99
Among the apprentices who received their education in shipbuilding from Alexander Adams was William Parkman. He was the son of Elias Parkman and his wife Sarah Trask, and the grandson of Elias and Bridget Parkman, who came to Dorchester in 1633.
William Parkman was born in Salem, Mass., March 29th, 1658. On May 18th, 1680, he married Elizabeth Adams, the daughter of Alexander Adams. After his

pg. 100
marriage, he sometimes went with his father on voyages to Curacao and elsewhere, but he lived with his father- in-law, built vessels in the same shipyard with him, and in the end succeeded him in the business. Could we trace the other twenty-nine apprentices, no doubt we would find some of them in the shipbuilding business ; for in the latter part of the seventeenth century there were sixteen shipyards in Boston.

In the later years of his life William Parkman devoted most of his time to the manufacturing of masts for ships, and we then find him referred to as a mast merchant. He died of apoplexy, November 28th, 1730, and was succeeded in the business by his son, William Parkman, who was so prominent in the New North Church, and was one of its first elders, and who, on September 2d, 1743, became the Presiding or Ruling Elder. He lived in the house on Ship Street which had been the home of Alexander Adams.
William Parkman and his wife, Elizabeth Adams, had twelve children, one of whom was the Rev. Ebenezer Parkman of Westborough, the father of Samuel Parkman, the rich merchant of Boston, from whom came the Parkman millions.
The house in which Alexander Adams, and later the Parkmans lived, was for years called the ” Ancient Mansion,” sometimes the ” Ancient Parkman Mansion,” because William Parkman, a grandson of William and Elizabeth Parkman, finally bought out all the other

pg. 101
heirs. It was a large square wooden house, and was located on Ship Street, although some records state that it was on Battery Street. In the early days however there was no Battery Street, although there was a Battery Alley, which was also called Battery Lane. The location of the house was, therefore, apparently on the corner of Ship Street and Battery Lane, which in time came to be called Battery Street. The mansion remained in the possession of the Parkman family till about 1880, and stood all the time from the days of Alexander Adams to that date, with the front door opening at the side on the yard, and the shingles growing blacker and blacker, and never putting on the modern fashion of paint. It was then sold and made into a store, but in 1894 Battery Street was widened, and the house which had been the home of Alexander Adams, of William Parkman, and of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman, gave way to the spirit of improvement and was no more.

Genealogy of the early generations of the Coffin family in New England
Authors-Silvanus Jenkins Macy, Nathaniel Wheeler Coffin, William Sumner Appleton
Publisher-David Clapp & Son, 1870

pg. 2
vi. Mary, b. in England; in. Alexander Adams; had five children : Samuel, b. in 1656, John, Mary, Susannah, and Elizabeth, who m. William Parkman, of Boston.



Husband William Parkman 24

Born: 19 Mar 1658 – Salem, Massachusetts Bay
Died: 28 Jan 1730 – Boston, Massachusetts 26
Buried: – Copp’s Hill cemetery, Boston

Father: Elias Parkman (1635-1691)
Mother: Sarah Trask (Cir 1636-1696)

Marriage: 18 May 1680 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay

Wife Elizabeth Adams 24 26

Born: 21 Sep 1660 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Christened: 1 Oct 1660
Died: 13 Apr 1746 – Boston, Massachusetts

Father: Alexander Adams (1620-1678) 26
Mother: Mary Coffin (1621-1691)


1 F Mary Parkman 26

Born: 25 Feb 1680 – Nantucket
Died: 9 Sep 1730

2 F Sarah Parkman 26

Born: 5 Apr 1684 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Died: 10 Feb 1711

3 M William Parkman 26

Born: 19 Dec 1685 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Died: 1776

4 M Elias Parkman 26

Born: 27 Feb 1688 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Died: 24 May 1781 – Roxbury, Massachusetts

5 F Elizabeth Parkman 26

Born: 12 Sep 1690 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Died: 1 Sep 1727

6 F Susanna Parkman 26

Born: 4 Sep 1692 – Boston, Massachusetts
Died: 28 Jan 1740

7 M John Parkman 26

Born: 19 Jan 1693 – Boston, Massachusetts
Died: 27 Mar 1727 – Massachusetts

8 M Samuel Parkman 26

Born: 19 Nov 1695 – Boston, Massachusetts

9 M Alexander Parkman 24

Born: 23 May 1699 – Boston, Massachusetts
Died: 6 Mar 1748 – Boston, Massachusetts
Spouse: Hester Wilkins (1690-Between 1727/1737) 24
Marr: 1 Oct 1725 – Boston, Massachusetts
Spouse: Hannah Breck ( – ) 24
Marr: 1 Sep 1737

10 M Rev. Ebenezer Parkman 24 26

Born: 5 Sep 1703 – Boston, Massachusetts
Died: 9 Dec 1782 – Westborough, Massachusetts
Spouse: Mary Champney & Hannah Breck (Est 1706- )


In 1775 this house was occupied by British troops, the Gallop [or Galloupe] family retiring to Saugus. During the Battle of Bunker Hill General Gage made this his staff headquarters,—a convenient place for the purpose, being near his battery yet somewhat under cover of the hill. Mr. William Parkman remembers hearing his grandmother, who lived near by at the time, often speak of this house as having been occupied, on that eventful day, by “old Gage,” as she called him. Several other persons have confirmed the tradition.



More about William Parkman:

Categories: US President Direct Ancestor.


Elizabeth Adams and William Parkman are ancestors of U.S. President Calvin Coolidge.[1]


  • Roberts, Gary Boyd; Ancestors of American Presidents. Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2009.



Mary Coffin Adams – Copp’s Hill Cemetery – Boston, MA

Birth: Feb., 1621
Suffolk, England
Death: Sep. 18, 1691
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA

Family links:
Alexander Adams (1615 – 1677)

Elizabeth Adams Parkman (1660 – 1746)*

*Calculated relationship

Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA
Plot: Possibly Buried here?
Maintained by: Find A Grave
Originally Created by: P Fazzini
Record added: Feb 07, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 65322318



Alexander Adams, Copp’s Hill Cemetery, Boston, MA

Here lyeth buried ye body of Alexander Adams aged 62 years died ye 15th day of January 1677

Birth: 1615
Surrey, England
Death: Jan. 15, 1677
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA

Here lyeth buried ye body of Alexander Adams aged 62 years died ye 15th day of January 1677Family links:
Mary Coffin Adams (1621 – 1691)*Children:
Elizabeth Adams Parkman (1660 – 1746)**Calculated relationship
Copps Hill Burying Ground
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA
Created by: Thomas A Hawkins
Record added: Feb 24, 2004
Find A Grave Memorial# 8434303



William Parkman Journal:



Copp’s Hill Parkman Grave Inscriptions :

The compiler of this book of Epitaphs has spared no pains to verify the facts 
he has published.Boston, August, 1851.

                                             Here lyes buried 
                                         The Body of Mr. Elias Parkman
                                         Aged 52 years 5 mo & __ days.
                                           Dec'd May the 24th, 1741.

                                                 Here lyes buried
                                        The body of Mrs. Elizabeth Parkman
                                          Wife to Mr. Elias Parkman, who
                                      Died Nov ye 1st 1746 in the 58th year
                                                    of her Age.

                                      This Stone perpetuates the Memory of
                                               Doc Elias Parkman
                                       Who departed this life March ye 6th
                                                  1750 - aged 33.

                                            Here lies buried the Body of
                                                 MRS ESTHER PARKMAN
                                              the virtuous consort of
                                            Mr. Alexander Parkman, aged 42
                                            who died Jan'ry ye 12th 1745/6.

                                                   Here lyes buried
                                             the Body of MR ALEXANDER PARKMAN
                                                      died March ye 16th
                                                In the 49th year of his age.

                                                   Here lyes ye Body of
                                                    SARAH SWAEN wife to
                                              Benjamin Swaen & daughter to William
                                                 & Elizabeth Parkman - aged near
                                                            97 years
                                                 died Feb'ry 10th, 1710/11.

                                            Here lyes the Body of
                                              MR SAMUEL PARKMAN
                                   who departed this life April the 10th




William Parkman pedigree and family group:



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