Samuel Paul Pablo Parkman in Guanajuato, Mexico



Samuel Paul Pablo Parkman: 1804-1873

Samuel Paul [“Pablo”] Parkman, the founder of the Mexican branch of the family, was born in February, 1804, in Aurora, New York, and died at Guanajuato May 2, 1875. When he was yet an infant, his parents moved to Parkman Township, Geauga County, Ohio, where he was reared. In 1827 he made his way to Missouri, and in 1828 was named postmaster at Petitsaw Bluffs, Lafayette County, Missouri. In 1829 he went to the Rocky Mountains with William L. Sublette, returning the following year. He then became the clerk of Jedediah S. Smith, and in the spring of 1831 accompanied Smith in the journey on the Santa Fe Trail on which Smith was killed. Briefly he took charge of Smith’s affairs, and afterward was associated with Jedediah Smith’s younger brother, Peter, in the firm Parkman & Smith. In the fall of 1832 he went down into Mexico and through a series of vicissitudes settled at Guanajuato, connected with various mining enterprises. In 1835 he married Antonia de Vega, and to them 12 children were born, of whom Felipe, Franco, and Juan Ignacio figure in these family papers.

The Samuel Paul Pablo Parkman family papers includes correspondence, mining documents, diaries, personal legal documents and genealogies from 1807-1961:




Samuel Pablo Parkman of Guanajuato, Mexico is a descendant of Robert Breck Parkman, co-Founder of Parkman, Ohio. Samuel’s family had migrated from Parkman, Ohio to Berkeley, CA where his family had donated land to the University. Samuel’s family were silver miners in Guanajuato. Samuel is today of metals engineer. I have visited his cousins in Mexico City – Roberto Ibanaez Parkman. The second photo is an oil painting of the Mexican Parkman progenitor. The third painting I am holding a rifle that is a flint lock and hexagonal barrel from the Civil War era that was owned by his Grandfather.


parkman guanajuato mexico 1.jpg




Parkman Reunion, Guanajuato, Mexico


6 Responses to “Samuel Paul Pablo Parkman in Guanajuato, Mexico”

  1. Juan Sanchez Says:


    I’m a descendent from Samuel Paul Pablo Parkman, whose son Juan Ignacio Parkman Vega was my grandmother’s grandfather.
    I found your website very interesting and helpful in my quest of finding the origins of my family.
    I’ll keep checking your website often for more news on the genealogy.
    Kind regards,

    Juan Sanchez

  2. Maria Elena Cruz Arnaldo Barrera Franco Parkman Says:

    Hi to all of you who belong to Samuel Paul Parkman and Antonia de Vega’ family:
    My father is PABLO CRUZ BARRERA PARKMAN (still alive), he was borned in Pozos, Guanajuato, Mexico, married with Luz Maria Arnaldo Franco (died 6 years ago).
    We are 4 brothers: Gerardo (died 7 years ago), Marta, Fernando, Luz Maria, me (Maria Elena), and twins: Javier and Hector.
    Marta lives in Mexico City as tho as my father (94 years old) Fernando in Aguascalientes in Mexico, Luz Maria in Brownsville, Texas, me (Maria Elena) in Tucson, Arizona, and Javier in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Hector in Mexico, City.
    My father always tell us great stories about Samuel and Antonia, and for this reason I would like to get in contact with all the descendant of them… please contact me at
    I Thank in my name and my father’s name Pablo, and my brothers and sisters for who had this great idea to unify this great family all over the world…
    My gratitude
    Maria Elena (you may call me Marye)

  3. Juan Eduardo Ruiz Says:

    Hi my name is Juan Eduardo Ruiz Ibanez, my grandfather was Juan Ignacio Ibanez Parkman born in Guanajuato Mexico, I never really got into finding the ancestors from my family and I’m finding it very interesting. My grandfather was a very nice, educated and kind man; I would like to know if anybody here met him. Thank you for putting the genealogy of the Parkman.

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