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THE PARKMAN FAMILY PAPERS KEPT AT THE AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. Including Reverend Ebenezer Parkman’s diary from Westborough, MA and Breeches/Geneva/William Parkman Family Bible printed in 1599  (see link) :>

American Antiquarian Society | 185 Salisbury Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609-1634 | Tel: 508-755-5221

also LDS microfiche :*,0,0


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Parkman, Felipe

Notes on Parkman family genealogy. Parkman Township, Ohio, Aug. 22, 1876. With added notes by Dr. Hammond on second, third, and fourth generations of the Mexican branch of the Parkman family.

box 1, item 1a

Johnson, Helen Woods

Condensed story of the 1599 Breeches Bible; Photocopy of Notions [portions?] of Bible; genealogical charts.


Parkman Parsonage (Westborough, Mass.) Scan number: 000420-0049. Parkman Parsonage, Sept. 10, 1891. (1891)

Parkman Farm House (Westborough, Mass.) Scan number: 000420-0048. Parkman Farm House, June 4, 1892. (1892)

Parkman, Breck, 1749-1825 — Homes and haunts. Scan number: 000420-0047. Parkman Shop, June 4, 1892. (1892)

The American Anitquarian Society holds The Breeches Bible printed in London, England published in 1599 & contains the 7 generations pedigree of Elias Parkman of Sidmouth, England who sailed to USA on the Mary & John Ship from Weymouth, England in 1630. He was a co-founder of Windsor, CT. This Bible made it’s way from England to Mass. to Ohio to Mexico to Boston when Elizabeth Johnson had gifted it to the Atheneum.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. We do have the William Parkman Bible (1599) and the Ebenezer Parkman diaries. The Bible is in very poor condition but we do have a photostat copy of the family notes. I am sending a photocopy of the notes as well as a copy of the decription of the Parkman Family Papers. I hope this information will be of interest.

Sincerely yours,

Marie E. Lamoureux
Collections Manager
American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury St.
Worcester, MA. 01609

The Society’s extensive collection of diaries offers opportunities for insight into the lives and thoughts of seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century New Englanders. Some of these diaries span a great number of years and volumes, making them of particular interest. Massachusetts diarists include the early New England divines ; Westborough, Mass. minister Ebenezer Parkman;

American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury Street
Worcester, Mass.


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  1. christidawnz1 Says:

    I’m Amazed that No One using the Incredibly Rare Treasures Held by The American Anitquarian Society in the Documentary is wearing rubber gloves to protect the Materials , Books & Papers .

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