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Parkman Boston Brahmin

May 2, 2009

Samuel Parkman commissioned Gilbert Stuart to paint a full length oil portrait of U.S. President George Washington, which Samuel later gifted to the Town of Boston on the 30th anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July  1806 where the painting hung in the Faneuil Hall and now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The painting by Gilbert Stuart is of George Washington ,in Dorchester Heights, full-length in uniform, standing by a white horse, holding his bridle in his left hand and his chapeau in his right.

Francis Parkman – American Historian Arthur>

george parkman correct likeness of
George Parkman, Sr.

George Parkman JR bio

Tristram Coffin>

Parkman family

Samuel Parkman (1751-1824): investor

George Parkman (1790-1849): philanthropist, victim of a highly publicized murder>

Francis Parkman Jr. (1823-1893): historian>


Coffin Family

Originally of Newbury and Nantucket:

Robert P. T. Coffin (1892-1955): poet

Francis Parkman Coffin (1891-1956): scientist



Peabody Family

Wikipedia Link:


Parkman DNA Database

May 1, 2009

DNA Journey Momondo:

We are a single family that sprang from an ark and garden…..making us all cousins….

When an Eagle Soars, it does NOT see: race, creed, color, sex, religion
or lines in the sand. So, every day, I try to BE A BETTER EAGLE !!!


Be Well,
Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom
LOVE Conquers All

pedigree charts

Parkman Progenitors totaling 55,599 ancestors in GEDCOM format with Pedigree Charts and Family Groups click on the ParkmanPAF.paf GEDCOM file uploaded:

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