Parkman House – 33 Beacon Street – Boston – Mayor’s Official Reception Hall

Parkman House - Boston - 33 Beacon Street

Parkman House - Boston - 33 Beacon Street

Here lived and died George Francis Parkman 1823-1908 Remembered with enduring gratitude by the City of Boston for his bequest ofa $5 million fund that secures for-ever the maintenance and improvement of the Boston Common and other public parks (Boston Common is America’s oldest Park founded in 1659). The Parkman House is next to the gold domed Boston State Capital Building.

He was “Murdered at Harvard” and PBS made a documentary about it (link):

8 Responses to “Parkman House – 33 Beacon Street – Boston – Mayor’s Official Reception Hall”

  1. judy norman Says:

    I have a watercolor picture of the row houses where Mr Parkman lived and on a little plaque reads: “here lived & died George Francis Parkman 1823-1908″ This is a very large beautiful picture by an artist named Shectman 1980…..

  2. judy norman Says:

    would the above mentioned picture be of any interest to the city of Boston or Parkman Genealogy? I can send a picture of it.

  3. dmparkman Says:

    More likely that The Parkman House = Mayor’s Official Reception Hall would have an interest in your watercolor picture.

  4. Mary Clough Says:

    Antiques Roadshow painting by Aldro Hibbard was painted of a town called South Londonderry Vermont. The Church on The Hill is no more. I am afarid that landmark burnt two years ago. Some of the buildings in the painting still are there. One being what we call the annex building. (was my Great Great Grandfathers Blacksmith shop) (left of the covered bridge.) This is an awesome find.

  5. Bette bicknell Says:

    Looking for a reproduction of the Parkman house by artist shectman 1980

  6. judy norman Says:

    Dear Bette…I have a print of the Parkman House by a. Shectman . Please contact me @ for more information

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